Are Green Wines Sulfite/Sulphite Free?

green-wine-sulfitesA new term floating around lately is “Green Wine”.

This is similar to organic wine, but a little different because green wine also is conscious of the energy used to produce the wine and the way the wine is processed and packaged.

Green doesn’t equal Sulfite-free

However, not all green wines would be free from added sulfites.

The only organic wines that you can be certain to have no added sulfites are the ones certified by the USDA. Other organic rating bodies allow growers to add some sulfites beyond what’s naturally in the grapes.

Producing green wine is a great movement as growers seek to produce a neutral product, which is great for the environment by ensuring that the most natural and sustainable methods are used.

Some of these green growers will take their product one step further and eliminate the added preservatives. In my opinion, these would be the green wines to look for.

How to Choose a Green Wine

usda-organic-wineIf you are following a sulfite free diet and wish to choose a green wine, make sure the grower is USDA organic certified to be sure that they aren’t adding additional sulfites to the wine during production and bottling.

A good place to look for green wines is online as well as natural food stores. Just read the labels carefully as some will say “made from organically grown grapes”, but this doesn’t mean no added sulfites.

Once again, look for the USDA Organic Seal or a statement from the vineyard stating that it doesn’t contain any added sulfites.