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These are foods that are free from sulfites (sulphites).

Peeled Snacks No-Sulfite Dried Fruit

Another great dried fruit option for those following a sulfite free diet is Peeled Snacks. They offer many varieties of dried fruit with no added suger, sulfites or other preservatives. The company was founded in New York by Noha Waibsnaider, who noticed the difficulty of finding good snacks that weren’t loaded with sugar, fat, and… Read More »

Kopali Organics No Sulfites Dried Fruits

Dried fruit can be a great way to add fiber and nutriton to your diet, but most of the dried fruit found in stores has added sulfites as well as added sugar. Kopali Organics takes a different approach by producing dried fruit products that only contain the fruit and nothing else. Their fruit doesn’t resemble… Read More »

Navitas Naturals Sulfite Free Foods

Navitas Naturals is a brand of organic, seeds, nuts, and dried fruits that are all sulfite and preservative free. They mainly specialize in foods that are classified as superfoods. I’ve tried some of their products and they are of great quality. Also, Navitas has some really interesting power foods from around the planet to diversify… Read More »