The Sulfite Free Diet

By | April 4, 2012


In an age where processed food abounds and where mystery illnesses plague millions of people, a sulfite free diet may be a great healthy eating plan to implement.

There have been many people that have reported improved health after eliminating the preservative from their diets.

Sulfites have even been linked to many diseases and chronic illnesses by anecdotal evidence as well as allergies by well documented scientific evidence.

This may seem easy, but besides dried fruit and wine, sulfites can be in many products while not showing up in the list of ingredients.

Step 1: Educate

If you feel that you could benefit from a sulfite free diet, the first thing you must do is educate yourself about the foods and other methods in which sulfites can enter the body.

I’ve published a sulfite food list here.

Assess your current diet and see how many of the mentioned foods and food products are currently in your diet.

Also educate yourself about the possible symptoms that can result from sulfite allergies or sensitivity.

I’ve listed the most common sulfite allergy symptoms here.

Make a list of any negative health symptoms you are experiencing as this will become handy during the 3rd step.

Step 2: Eliminate

The sulfite free diet requires that you eliminate the above foods or choose sulfite-free varieties.

It may be impossible to eliminate all sulfites since they naturally occur in some foods, but your goal is to drastically reduce the levels that they are present in the body.

Focus on eating organic, whole foods as these are usually safe. A good place to shop is your local farmers market, where you can ask the growers what type of fertilizers and pesticides are used and so on..

Step 3: Evaluate

Don’t expect results overnight when starting a sulfite free diet as it takes some time for the body to detox from the chemical.

However, after 4-6 weeks you should take an honest evaluation of how or if your health has improved. Look at your list of symptoms and make note of the ones that have improved.

Hopefully, you’ll see improvement, but if not, then sulfites probably weren’t the cause of your health problems.

The Sulfite Free Diet has helped many people and it’s a shame that the FDA and other governing bodies still allow these chemicals to be used in so many aspects of food production.

With the growing number of chronic illnesses plaguing millions of people, it’s worth trying to pin point the causes especially when multinational food companies control the food supply and fill it with chemicals such as sulfites.

A sulfite free diet may be the answer to your health dilemma.

How have you benefited from a sulfite free diet?


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